Assistance in establishing and doing business in Indonesia

ORH is a specialist management consulting firm focusing on advising clients in South-East Asia and Russia. We are committed to assisting our clients accomplish the business success and growth targets they strive to achieve. We support our clients by providing insightful, frank and objective advice in relation to business problems that affect their bottom-line results. Clients look to us for practical assistance with strategic and operational challenges; and, for an outside perspective on day-to-day business issues that demand creative solutions. We think internationally but we understand and develop solutions that are locally relevant. We assist our clients in wide range of tasks.
Indonesia is one of the most popular countries to create your own business or expand your existing business internationally. It is a developing an industrial-agrarian country with a diversified economy and one of the world’s largest exporter of the commodity. Ranked among the emerging and fast-growing economies (countries EAGLEs) and contribution to world economic growth in this group takes 4th place after Brazil, China and India. In addition, Indonesia is part of a group of MIST (together with Mexico, South Korea and Turkey), which brings together countries with high growth potential and favorable investment climate. 
Political stability and Government support make an attractive conditions to launch your business in Indonesia: the relatively high share capital of the company to open; low cost of post-registration services company; low operating costs for rental of premises. Registered companies in Indonesia can obtain funding from sources outside the country. Business structure of enterprises with foreign investment (PMA) in Indonesia — is a mixed enterprise in which at least 5% of the shares owned by a citizen of Indonesia, either — the enterprise with 100% foreign capital. In both cases, the enterprise shall, within 15 years from the start of operations to transfer part of its shares to residents of Indonesia, which is reflected in the establishment of the enterprise. Virtually all activities in Indonesia are open to foreign investors. In terms of future outlook, Indonesia is entering a ‘sweet spot’ as a convergence of its young, working population with that of relatively stable inflation and sustained economic growth is fuelling consumer spending.
Indonesia has the fourth largest in the world of young population, willing to work and buy. Wage cost and competencies are competitive with other developing countries.
Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world and the largest country in Southeast Asia — stretches between the Indian ocean and Pacific ocean and connects Australia.
One of the best tax systems in Asia. Fixed income tax rate is 25%. Additionally, the law allows for specific tax regulation for the investment companies and companies in the mineral sector.
The developed infrastructure allows you to quickly and optimally organize a business. The largest airports in Indonesia are Sukarno-Hatta International Airport and Halim Perdanakusuma (Jakarta), Juanda (Surabaya, Java), Ngurah rai (Denpasar, Bali), Polonia (Medan, Sumatra), Sam Ratulangi (Manado, Sulawesi), Hasanuddin (Makassar, Sulawesi). In order to develop air transportation and encourage the tourism industry in the country, a program is being implemented to modernize air transport and its infrastructure. The largest ports that carry out the bulk of transactions with foreign trade cargo are Perak (Surabaya), Balawan (Medan), Makasar (o. Sulawesi) and Tanjung Priok (Jakarta). Developed road network. Modern road networks are concentrated mainly in economically developed and densely populated areas.
Our client services are founded upon our deep knowledge of industry best practice and specific technical and business know-how. Our ability to provide strategic insights into key business technologies enables ORH to provide the highest quality client service that supports the achievement of specific business outcomes. Our intellectual property includes an exclusive collection of business improvement strategies, methodologies and practical tools which our consultants consistently employ to assist our clients achieve their business goals. Our specific advice and assistance is focused on delivering client service in the following areas:
  • Business planning
  • Due diligence services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic advice and problem solving
  • Legal support and company management
  • Market research and industrial analysis
  • Strategic advice on community development programs
  • Local stakeholder management and liaison
  • Local community research and analysis
  • Capacity building of local government and organizations
  • Project and Program Management
  • Administration projects and programs
  • Starting and planning of projects and programs
  • Monitoring and control of projects and programs
We are ready to provide full support for the establishment of a company in Indonesia, buying ready-made business and search for business partners to enter the market of Indonesia, as well as offer a solution to all the issues that may arise when doing business. If you are interested in competent advice and professionalism — you can rely on our expertise. We are happy to contribute!

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